Life Story / Obituary


Robert Allan Haslip, 44, of Traverse City / Fife Lake, MI passed away on June 13, 2023 after a long-drawn-out battle with diabetes. He was a fighter and was going to push it till the bitter end. Bound and determined to see his son graduate, just short of living that dream by 2 years.

Robert was born on November 25, 1979, to the late Cynthia Haslip (Butts) and Raymond Haslip in Flint, MI. One of four children. Robert was always very eager to be first in everything. Even at such a young age he would challenge his brother and sisters in games such as monopoly, only to lose (quite often), but always came back fighting for more. Robert grew fond of animals and crashing his dirt bike. He actually ended up in the ER after falling off his bike coming down a hill by his childhood home. Pebbles and dirt were removed from his body, and he laughed and joked about that till the very end. In his older teens he became more of a hands-on learner and found that his niche was in the automotive industry. Robert eventually opened his own business of 4x4 Recovery and Offroad Center. He acquired many happy customers through his love of conquering challenges, most could not figure out. He wanted to provide the best service he possibly could to everyone that crossed his path. He did so much for people and always expected less in return. He learned to bargain as well, taking trades instead of money when his customers could not afford to pay their bill. His willingness to see the good in people, is what brought joy to him

Robert had one son, Josiah. His pride and joy. He would take Josiah everywhere with him, showing him the tricks and trades of building, repairing, and being customer oriented with his clients. He taught Josiah how to hunt, fish, and be patient with animals. Robert had a love for animals, and he was sure to instill that into Josiah. If Robby was there, so was Josiah.

Robert loved the great outdoors. He would make the time to fish and hunt whenever he could with close friends, his brother and his son. Even towards the end of life he would tell stories of when he got to heaven he would go fishing with grandpa and dad. You can find many of these memories on Facebook, as he liked to share his happiness and joy with people.

Robert is survived by his son, Josiah, of Fife Lake; brother, Ray (Jeannie) Haslip of Manton; sisters, Angela (Kevin) Mikowski and Kristene (Terry) Mesko, both of Traverse City; and his grandmother, Constance Butts of Gaylord. He is preceded in death by his parents, Raymond and Cynthia Haslip; both his grandfathers, and one Grandmother.

Not only does Robby leave behind a lifetime of memories with his friends and family, but he leaves behind his smile and contagious laugh, and the joy of just knowing him. There will be a memorial service for Robert and both his parents, Raymond and Cynthia, on September 2nd at Silver Lake Recreation Area, 1785 N East Silver Lake Rd, Traverse City, MI 49685, from 1-3pm. May they rest in peace. Please visit www.lifestorytc.com to share your thoughts and more.